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Laravel 5.6.34 Released Release Notes for 5.6.341 min read

Laravel 5.6.34 Released
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Laravel 5.6.34 has been released very silently on 21st August right just before the Laravel Nova’s release.In the case of Laravel , Major framework releases are released every six months (February and August), while minor releases may be released as often as every week. Minor releases should never contain breaking changes.

Release Notes for Laravel 5.6.34

Laravel 5.6.34 Released
Laravel 5.6.34 Released

Earlier this month Laravel had released 5.6.30 which was basically a security release for the laravel . Find out about the Laravel 5.6.30 [Security Release] Here .Here’s the full changelog for the minor and major changes in the Laravel 5.6.* .


  • Wrap columns in whereRowValues (#25179)
  • Make copyrights line localizable in mail messages (#25183)
  • When specifying events to be faked, other events should be normally dispatched (#25185)


  • Fix URL validation pattern on PHP 7.3 (#25194)


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