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Laravel 5.7 Is Now Officially Released !2 min read

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Laravel 5.7 has now been officially released and is available for eveyone to use. The changes for Laravel 5.7 were coming from many weeks now and now it has been officially released. the bug fixing from the Laravel 5.7 will be done till now March 4th, 2019 and then security fixes will be done till September 4th, 2019 . But in the meanwhile everyone can use the new and improved version of the Laravel.

Features List Of the Laravel 5.7

There are lots of features in the Laravel 5.7 and some of them are given below :-

# New Resources Directory

Taylor Otwell announced that in this version,  the resources directory will be flattened instead of having an assets folder:

Laravel 5.7 new directory structure
Laravel 5.7 new directory structure

Earlier in the Laravel 5.6 the Assests folder contained the Js and Css etc. Laravel 5.6’s resources directory looks like this:

laravel 5.6 directory structure
laravel 5.6 directory structure

 # New pagination customizations

In this version you can control how many links you wnat to display on each side of the current links. Earlier there used to be only 3 links on each side but now you can customised them according to your need.

{{ $paginator->onEachSide(5)->links() }}

# Symfony Dump Server

You can dump all the values in the console instaed of the browser . Once the server has started, all calls to dump will be displayed in the dump-server console .

php artisan dump-server

# Callable Action URLs

A new callable-like syntax for action URLs is coming to Laravel 5.7 thanks to Sebastian De Deyne! You might also hear this feature called “tuple notation” or a “callable array syntax” for URL generation actions.

Here’s how it works starting in Laravel 5.7:

 $url = action([PostsController::class, 'index']);

Currently (as of Laravel 5.6) the action helper only supports the following style that you’re probably already familiar with:

 $url = action('UserController@profile', ['id' => 1]);

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More New Features

  • Better ways of testing Artisan Commands
  • Notification Localization
  • Callable Action URL’s
  • FileSystem Read/ Write StreamsLaravel’s Flysystem integration now offers readStream and writeStream methods:

The upgrade from 5.6 should be pretty easy and you can find the full upgrade guide in the documentation.

Happy Coding  Cheers !! 

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