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Laravel Page Speed Optimize Your Laravel Application In A Bit2 min read

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Laravel Page Speed:– You just built a beautiful website using Laravel and have putted countless hours of work into its design and developement and after all that hard work your website is not loading fast enough. Or as we can say that the  page speed of your website is very low and that’s what making it slow.

Now the problem could be anything from poorly written code to images or elements that are too large for the page. Now google will mark down such website and it will affect your website visitors experience as well. So how to cop up with this? This is what we will be taking about today in this article. So let’s start

Laravel Page Speed Optimize Your Laravel Application

To start with you can diagonse your websiye using any of the tool such as PageSpeed Insights tool and enter your website URL into the bar. From there on you can find what is causing your websitew to be slow and then take appropriate action and correct that.

But while using Laravel, you don’t need to think about all this hassel. What you need is the package created by the Renato Marinho for optimizing your Laravel site automatically. According to the official documentation of the Laravel Page Speed By Renato,

Simple package to minify HTML output on demand which results in a 35%+ optimization.

Laravel Page Speed Optimize Your Laravel Application
Laravel Page Speed Optimize Your Laravel Application

This package is based upon the Google’s mod_pagespeed  and providing the following options:

trim_urls Removes unnecessary prefixes from URLs YES
collapse_whitespace Removes unnecessary whitespace in HTML YES
remove_comments Removes HTML comments

More of the options can be found in the official documentation of the package. This step will help you remove any unnecessary coding that slows down your site.This package will give boost that it needed to succeed.

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Check out the Laravel Page Speed official repository for more information on installing this package and other options available for you to optimize your Laravel Web Application.

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