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PHP vs Python In 2018 – Which Is Better For Beginners5 min read

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PHP vs Python is the oldest question in the history of web development. As everything related to the computer seems to be evolving or ever-changing so is the programming language around us. 2018 is the year of API and web apps and instead of reinventing the wheel every time we have to make use of the good and effective programming language. Now the good news is that every programming language’s basic and core concept are 85-95% same whether they are of any of the following

  • Python
  • Java for web apps or Java for android
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Swift
  • C++
  • C etc etc.

Now comes the question that which is better for the beginners PHP or Python . Every developer has different approach for the programming language they are going to use as any seasoned developer might like Python to develop web apps or any more experienced developer might like PHP to develop the same thing . Here in this article we are going to cover some of the basic parameter to compare both the programming language and will try to find out which is the better one . So let’s dive into the article and try to uncover what is best for the beginners PHP vs Python in 2018 to learn.

PHP vs Python — Which Language Should You Learn in 2018

Instead of mentioning the pros and cons of both PHP and Python, I will discuss three areas that beginners should consider when selecting their first programming language.

PHP vs Python — Which Language Should You Learn in 2018
PHP vs Python — Which Language Should You Learn in 2018


There is no denying of the fact that both the language PHP and Python have their fair share of fans out there and both are very popular on the internet . PHP is used by 79.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. PHP powers some of your favorite websites including Wikipedia, Flickr, Tumblr and Yahoo. Initially Facebook used to use PHP for their backend but since then they have evolved and uses PHP  for their front-end, Erlang is used for Chat, Java and C++ are also used in several places (and perhaps other languages as well). Thrift is an internally developed cross-language framework that ties all of these different languages together, making it possible for them to talk to each other. Big tech giants such as YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram and Spotify use Python (either partially or completely) in their product platforms.

So we can say that popularity wise both the programming language are quite neck to neck in the popularity.

#Learning Curve

It is one of the most important question when going for a new programming language. There is no doubt that Python is much easier to learn . Python is a general-purpose programming language, and it can be picked up very quickly. It is so easy to learn that many universities and institutes use python to teach students about the basics of the programming language.Python programs are much shorter and easy-to-write as compared to other programming languages. The syntax for the python is much simpler and easy to understand.

Unlike Python , PHP wasn’t meant to be a general-purpose language. It was designed specifically for web applications which are definitely more sophisticated than simple, stand-alone programs.

For beginners, Python is much easier. PHP, on the other hand, was never meant for novice programmers.

#Available Frameworks and CMS

The most commonly used Python-based web frameworks are Django, Flask, Pylons, Pyramid, etc. On the other hand, the most used PHP based web frameworks are Codeigniter, Zend, Laravel, Symfony, etc.

PHP offers a large number of the framework that are very efficient and versatile. PHP frameworks like Laravel And Symphony are much more popular that are used by millions and millions of website and developer all around the world .

On the other hand  Python does not have as many framework as PHP do . Django and Flask are two popular choices that Python developers uses in crafting web apps. The number of Python frameworks is slowly increasing because of the increased use of the language in mainstream projects.

World’s most popular CMS, WordPress is built in PHP. Similarly, two of the leading open source e-commerce platforms, Magento and WooCommerce are built in PHP. On the other hand, Python offer several Django powered CMS that have limited following and are not particularly used in crafting the CMS built websites.

In this particular case, PHP is a clear winner because it has something for everyone.

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Choosing a first programming language is the toughest decision you will ever make. PHP vs Python is one of the most old question lurking there and we have tried to cover some of the aspect that as a beginner you will find worth to have a look so that you can choose from the PHP vs Python battle. I have not mentioned pros and cons of  both the language as that is too common and you can read about that anywhere on the internet. The focus of this article is mainly on the PHP vs Python as a beginners prospective and why you should go for any of the following. My take on the PHP vs Python would be as follows :-

  • If you are an experienced PHP programmer, stick to PHP since you already know it in and out.
  • For  an intermediate programmer, you might want to learn Python and shift to it for better job opportunities.
  • If you are a novice programmer who wants to learn backend development, start learning Python and eventually move to Python-based frameworks.

Cheers ! Happy Coding

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