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Pros And Cons Of Laravel Framework In 20182 min read

Laravel Framework pros cons
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Every Framework has it’s own Pros And Cons and Laravel Framework also has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. Taylor Otwell in 2011 made Laravel as the successor of many programming language like Ruby On Rails etc but since then Laravel has came a long way and is know one of the best PHP frmaework in 2018 . In this article we are going to see some Pros And Cons Of Laravel Framework In 2018 . So let’s take a dive into the beautiful world of laravel .

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Laravel Framework In 2018

Laravel  was just released in 2011. At that time, it became clear that more and more users want to use online web applications, instead of desktop applications.So Laravel was build with the requirements in mind (quick development, fast applications, good looking UI’s, etc.). As you can see the trend of Google below to get a clear picture of that i am talking about here.

Google Trends in Correspond to the Laravel Framework

As soon as someone, who has previously used Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter or YII, gets into contact with Laravel, there is a tendency to migrate these systems to this new framework.There is something about it, which makes it very appealing.

For example: In South Asia (India, etc.) easy frameworks like CodeIgniter or YII are preferred, because very quickly applications can be build and it does not take much for a young developer to learn about these tools.But there are some concerns with these frameworks, like security (safety agains hacking, etc.) and performance.

Thus, even the once non-innovation companies which stayed with older frameworks, are now changing to Laravel!


  • It uses a blade template engine to speed up compiling tasks, and users can include latest features so easily.
  • “Bundled modularity” enables code reusing without much hassles.
  • Best in the class ORM which is easy to understand, hence creation of database relations appears so simple.
  • An outstanding Artisan CLI comprising advanced tools to do tasks, and migrations.
  • Splendid documentation, and an added feature of reverse routing.

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  • It is quite slow, and a new platform for most of the developers to deal with.
  • Amateur developers face problems while extending codes and classes.
  • Community support is not wide in comparison with other platforms.
  • Many methods included in the reverse routing are complex.

 #- Conclusion

There is no framework which is perfect. Every framework has its own pro and cons. And you can do anything in any of the modern framework. Every framework provides some alternatives for its cons or some more pros along with some more cons. Your afforts in learning or developing may vary according to your skills and background.Gives us a thumbs up if you liked this article or give us a comment we would love to discuss .

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