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Turbolinks js- Make Naviagtion In Web Application Faster2 min read

Turbolinks js- Make Naviagtion In Web Application Faster
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Turbolinks js is used for navigation in your web application. Everyone nowadays is building or looking for Single Page Application for there projects. Turbolinks js provides you benefits of a Single page application without the complexity of a client-side JavaScript framework. In simple words, You can navigate from one page to another without reloading your page.

Laravel with Turbolinks js

Turbolinks js makes navigating your web application faster.
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In layman’s words, when you click on a link in your web page Turbolinks js swap the <body> and fetch the other page and merges its <head>, without reloading its page. You don’t have to concerned about the performance while using the Turbolinks js as it provides fast execution flow.

To add Turbolinks js into your application all you need to do is download one Single file of javascript and start the Turbolinks js using the following line in the script tag.

Working with Turbolinks js, you don’t need any co-operation from the server side. It responds with full HTML pages, not partial page fragments or JSON. You also don’t need to annotate links or specify which parts of the page should change.

The beauty of this js is that you can add it to your mobile as it supports mobile apps. The adapters for iOS and Android let you build hybrid applications using native navigation controls.

To add the Turbolinks into your Laravel application, just add the following code into your Master layout file to be applied on all the pages. I have wriiten a sample code file for you as an example.

Turbolinks works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers. It depends on the HTML5 History API and Window.requestAnimationFrame. In unsupported browsers, Turbolinks gracefully degrades to standard navigation. Hope this was helpful for you it was just a short brief about the Turbolinks, You can find full documentation Here.

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