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What Is New In Laravel 5.6 Complete Guide2 min read

New in Laravel 5.6
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Though it’s been time since Laravel 5.6 arrive in the market but many are still living under the rock and does not know a lot about What Is New In Laravel 5.6 has to offer . Laravel release two major updates each year each at an interval of 6 months and many small changes on weekly and monthly basis. Below we are going to find some of the changes that are brought together with Laravel 5.6 :-

What Is New In Laravel 5.6 ?

Some time ago Laravel had introduced Laravel 5.6 which is really a lot cooler version with some awesome features. Lets findout What Is New In Laravel 5.6:-

New In Laravel 5.6
New In Laravel 5.6

# – Change in Logging Configurations

One of the major thing in V5.6 is the change in logging configuration which has moved from config/app.php to config/logging.php with some major changes in the logging performance.

# – Introduction to single server task scheduling

Earlier if you have two server and each one of them is running your task then both the servers will be used but in Laravel 5.6 single server task scheduling is introduced which basically means that using the command

$schedule->command('report:generate') ->fridays() ->at('17:00') ->onOneServer();

Will make the command to run on one server which is a huge improvement.

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# – Dynamic Rate Limiting

Dynamic rate limiting basically means to limit the number of requests made by one user which considerably makes the system effiecent.You just have to use the limit_rate in the routes and boom that’s it.

# – API Controller Generation

Now generation of resource controller will exclude the unnecessary create and edit routes . To generate the resource controller you now just need to use the –api flag. For Example

php artisan make:controller API/PhotoController --api

Learning More About Laravel 5.6

To upgrade your Laravel installation to v5.6, reference the upgrade guide.  The upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 is estimated to take between 10-30 minutes. Obviously, your mileage will vary based on your application. Hope you have liked this article What Is New In Laravel 5.6 and if you want to read such more article Go watch Laravel-Daily , Your Laravel News Source

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