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What Is New In PHP 7.3 Beta 1 Released2 min read

PHP 7.3
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What Is New In PHP 7.3 Beta 1 Released:- This is a live document untill PHP 7.3 is official released. So on August 2 php Beta 1 will be released. This starts the PHP 7.3 cycle which is based on the PHP 7.2 stable version . We can expect PHP 7.3 to be released around November this year . This time is rumored to be around this time table which can also be found on the PHP Wiki .

timetable PHP 7.3
timetable PHP 7.3

What Is New In PHP 7.3 ?

Some of the intreguing features of the PHP 7.3 are listed below :-

# Trailing Commas in function calls

Allowing a trailing comma in function calls will make it more convenient to append arguments in many contexts where it is common to call a function with lots of arguments; especially variadic functions.

# JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR flag for json_encode() and json_decode()

The new style is very useful for userland code when you receive some JSON data instead of searching json_last_error()and flag matching. JSON encoding / decoding can take advantage of the error handler very easily .

new in PHP 7.3
new in PHP

# Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax

The heredoc and nowdoc syntax provide the ability to create multiline strings without the hassle of having to escape all inner quotation marks. These syntaxes, however, have been eschewed in-part because of their inflexibility with respect to indentation.

# An is_countable() function

is_countable — Verify that the contents of a variable is a countable value

# list() reference assignment

Implement list() reference assignments.Support list() reference assignments of the form:

 list(&$a, list(&$b, $c)) = $d;


For more information on yesterday’s release, check out the official announcement and the UPGRADING document on GitHub. You should not use this version for production; it’s an early test version and should not be used for Production use as of now.

More features of  PHP 7.3 is not yet known, but the estimate for launch can be set around the turn of November/December 2018. The next major version, PHP 8.0, is not yet decided. But following the semantic versioning scheme this can include breaking changes.

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