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Why Scrum Is Awesome For Startups3 min read

Scrum For Startups
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Scrum is a lightweight framework which helps teams to work together, addressing the complex problem while productivitly delievering complex products within 2-3 weeks.It is simple to understand but difficult to master.

Scrum is a part of Agile methodology means it shares the same values and principle as Agile methodology.A Scrum team usually consist of 5-9 members, a usual growing startup for example. Scrum For Startups does not work in the condition when it consists of 2/3 members of founding team members.

Difference Between Scrum And Agile Methodology

Scrum is not for Software development only, it can be applied to any industry whether it is IT, Finance, or Management. People sometimes confuse Scrum with Agile methodology, as both are based on the same value and principle to describe a group or team’s day-to-day interaction and work activities.

The Core principle of Scrum is just like of Agile which is centered around continuous improvement.

Agile methodology takes dedication from the whole team to adapt to different mindset to deliever value to customers while Scrum is more or less centered around work done.

Scrum is for close-knit teams that doesn’t know everything at the start of the project and evolve with team naturally to adopt to changing necessity and user-requirements.

Scrum For Startups?

Usually in a startup , there is no clear communication , transparency and structure of startup is generally very Rigid. The execution of any project/value delieverable to customer needs to tailored to the needs of ever changing client requirements.

A Scrum For Startups team needs three specific roles which are:-

1) Product Owner :-

A Product owner represents the business side of product, maintaining the realtionship between product, market requirement , investement of time etc.They make sure everyone understands the work items in the product backlog, providing team clear guidance on which feature to deliever next.

Product owner ensure the maximum ROI ( Return Of Investment )

2) Scrum Master

A Scrum Master coaches the team , product owners , and business on the scrum process. He ensures that development team build the product more efficiently and team should give high-performance. A Scrum Master remove all the road blockers in the path of th project , and help the team to move forward continuely.

3 ) Team Members

Team members get all the work done. They are Cross-functional and self-organizing. The “Team Members” term includes everyone from the development team, business team and everyone else who participate in the creation of the product.

Team members are self organzing they themselve decide hoe to give their best to accomplish their work. Team members usually consists of 5-7 members. The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos uses the “Two Pizza Rule” for team size which goes something like this,

The team should be small enough to share two pizzas.

Scrum Tools or Artifacts

The Scrum tools or artifacts are designed to maximize transparency of key information. Scrum artifacts are used by Scrum users to increase flexibility, productivity, and communication effectivness. The three artifact of Scrum are

1 ) Product Backlog 2) Sprint Backlog 3) Increment

Why Startups Need Scrum To Grow?

The startups that have adopted to scrum have experienced:-

  • Increase in Productivity
  • Better- Quality Products.
  • Quick releases keep the team motivated.
  • Happier users / stakeholders as they can see progress in short amount of time.
  • Semi – prescriptive approach help remove the ambiguities.


Scrum may be easy to understand but is very hard to master especially for a team who is used to of working with the waterfall model. The process of smaller iterations, daily scrum meetings, sprint reviews and Scrum master might be difficult for a new team to transition. But the long term affects of the Scrum For Startups are awesome and that’s what going to make your team and startup grow. It is one of the most compelling agile lightweight framework to adapt.

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