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Why You Should Use Vue.js With Laravel4 min read

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Vue.js is a progressive framework which is build to be really adaptable and it’s core library is really focused on the View layer only. In today’s ever changing world , different developers are using all sort of different techniques into there applicatin to make it more efficient and fast. Introduction of Vue.js  around 4 years ago was such thing . Web developers are using Vue.js for building faster , efficient and user-friendly application .

Why You Should Use Vue.js

If you are a web developer or front-end developer then you know about the pain and inefficiencies  of updation Document Object Model (DOM) . To update the DOM simply means that you should make a change in a small part of the DOM and then reloads the whole page so that change can take place. In simpler words , for example if you are watching Youtube video and some one commented on the video then to view that comment the whole page will be reloaded which eventually means that your video is going to start from the starting .

Vue.js With Laravel
Vue.js With Laravel

Vue.js tries to eliminate these difficulties by utlizing Virtual DOM to manage the view that is seen by the user. Using Virtual DOM simply means that if you update any part of the DOM then instead of reloading the whole page for the changes to take effect it just updates only that section of the DOM without reloading the DOM. This means the comments would update without you even noticing it.

Advantages Of Using Vue.js

Following are some of the adavantages of using Vue.js

#Very small size

The success of any javascript frameowrk depends upon the size . Vue.js is comaparably very small in size (18-21KB) . Being smaller in size does not mean that it will be slower or it will lacking any where it beautifully beats all the other bulky framewoks like Angular.js , React.js etc.

# Deatiled documentation

Framework’s success is measured by the documentation it posses. Vue.js in this case posses very detailed documentation.The documentation with Vue.js is so comprehensive that any user who knows a little about JavaScript and HTML can develop his own application or web page.

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# Everything happens on front-end

In today’s world everything is event driven and Vue.js is not far behind. Vue.js is triggered by the events and uses components which can be reused any number of time.Everything now happens on the frontend and users never have to reload a page again (thank you JavaScript).

# Two Way communication with vue.js

And last but not least it also facilitates two way communications because of its MVVM architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks. In this respect, it seems very close to Angular.js which also speeds up HTML blocks.

Basic Vue usage with Laravel

The beauty of Laravel lies in the fact that most of the things that would normally require you install manually already comes preloaded with the support for the Vue.js . To install Vue in the Laravel you just need to follow the following steps :

1 . Install Vue and other JavaScript libraries your application needs to run:

 2.Setup your application to reload when you make changes to your js assets:


 If you like seeing your changes as you make them, especially since you are learning, then you should definitely run watch to watch the applications.

Now just open the terminal and write the following command to set up your enviornment and start using the Vue.


We’ve briefly introduced the most basic adavantages of Vue.js core there are more features like Single Page application etc which we will cover in the next article – the rest of this guide will cover them and other advanced features with much finer details, so make sure to read through it all .In the end, we can say that Vue.js has clear advantages over all the earlier frameworks like Angular.js and React.js. In short, it combines the peculiar features of all the older frameworks. If you have liked this article then comment below with your opininon and let’s know what you think about the Vue and it’s usagae with the Laravel

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