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Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018 – What To Choose4 min read

Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018 - Which is Better For You
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Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018 – Which is Better For You:-If you want to start a new business or a new and inspiring developer who is looking for any CMS to learn then two very famous plateform comes into the mind of each and every one of you. In order for you to make a choice between these we are going to help you disset each and every point between Woocommerce Vs Magento . So let’s start

Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018 – What to Choose ?

Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018
Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018

 # Magento Features

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform tailored to web development professionals, and medium to large online stores. It offers one of the most robust feature sets in the field, which makes it ideal for stores with high aspirations.

Magento is being touted as one of the best eCommerce plateform to work upon. With more then 125000 and Fortune 500 companies websote under it’s belt it is one of the most promising plateform to build website upon. Some of the features of the Magento includes:-

-> Feature Rich :-  Communtiy version which is free to use is loaded with lots of features and services.multiple store fronts, multi-language and multi-currency support are some of the awesoem features included into the Magento Community version.

-> Cost :- As i told you above that the Community version of magento is free to use while the enterprise edition is costly.

-> Community :- The community area of Magento is wide and diverse including developers who haev developed extensive range of Plugins and themes.

-> Scalable :- Wheather you are selling 20 products or 20000 Magento can handle it easily. Magento is very scalable.

# WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin for the WordPress platform. It offers all the features you need from an e-commerce solution, while retaining the ease-of-use of its parent platform.

->Features with Added Benfits:-  As WooCommerce is a plugin for wordpress so you can enjoy all the benefits of wordpress in your ecommerce .

->Cost :- Using WooCommerce does not going to cost you a dime as it is a free plugin to choose from so you dont have to worry about the Costing while using WooCommerce.

-> Community:- The community size for WooCommerce is very large as it comes with wordpress so there are plenty of developers for wordpress so you can work easily among the community size.

-> Added Features:- WooCommerce supports multiple payment methods that can be added to the store. Some of the most popular payment methods supported by WooCommerce include cash payments, Mastercard and Visa, and Paypal.Aside from just e-commerce features, WooCommerce features all the necessary SEO functions that you need to promote your website. Whatever SEO functions your WordPress have can be accessed in your WooCommerce.

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 Woocommerce Vs Magento 2018 Comparison List

Woocommerce Vs Magento Usage Statistics
Woocommerce Vs Magento Usage Statistics

1) Difference based on Programming Language: WordPress is an open source blogging tool that has its programming contained within a set of sequenced PHP scripts while Magento is specifically developed for e-commerce and is object-oriented.

2) Security: Magento is also more secure as it uses many security patches than using WordPress third party plugins.But using the magento seurity pateches can sometime be very tricky for a normal to user to apply.

3) Development Scenario: Magento files are set up across a number of files and folders that share the same name. Where in WordPress all the files are largely contained within the same folder but have a unique naming convention.

4) E-commerce Plugins: Magento being object oriented was developed specifically for eCommerce. Just by navigating through the Magento Admin Panel, you’ll notice that an overwhelming majority of it is devoted to eCommerce capabilities like shipping options, payment integration, inventory, price management, gift cards, or order fulfillment whereas for WordPress e-Commerce plug-ins features are limited and are not that much diverse a sof Magneto.

5) Based on Selling of products: If the sole purpose of your website is for blogging and content management and you are not intended to sell more than 10 to 1000 products then the suitable platform for you is WooCommerce whereas if your goal is to sell products, then using Magento is highly recommended.


Both of these platforms have their own respective purposes, so it’s very hard to conclude which one is really the best. If you are looking at owning a small business that can grow at a steady pace and with a smaller budget, then you might want to go for WooCommerce. WooCommerce was designed for startup shops where owners don’t have that much knowledge when it comes to web development.If you already own an existing brand or if you’re working for a rather big firm with high sales per month, then Magento is for you. Magento is also good for clients that have bigger budgets as they can fully experience the power of Magento by being able to buy all the great features.If you really liked this article then shows us some appreciation by commenting your view below.


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